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Pioneering New Skin Treatment Set To Revolutionise The UK Beauty Industry

Award winning Mayfair clinic, SV Aesthetics, launches pioneering BB Glow Facial treatment – a pioneering skin procedure from Korea that’s set to revolutionise the face of UK beauty treatments.

Beauty enthusiasts looking for something that will offer a matte, flawless and clear complexion in the space of their lunch break need look no further than Mayfair clinic SV Aesthetics’ newest treatment, the BB Glow Facial.

The intensive skin treatment takes 30-60 minutes and uses micro-needling technology to penetrate the upper dermal layers of the skin. This penetration then stimulates natural collagen production, as well as offering a pigmented glow lasting up to two weeks.

The BB Glow serums come in five different shades which are chosen based on skin tone and personal preference, which is discussed as part of a detailed consultation with SV Aesthetics’ Owner and MD, Susan Vaughan, ahead of the treatment.

Micro-needling results in the formation of miniscule pin prick wounds in the targeted skin tissue, this creates a controlled healing environment under the skin where new collagen and elastin are produced. Up to 300% greater absorption of serums can be achieved following a micro-needling treatment. It’s a popular tool in the aesthetics industry for rejuvenating skin, but this is the first time that it has been combined with pigmentation to give you a flawless skin tone, too.

Other benefits of the treatment include increased collagen production, more even skin tone, skin cell renewal, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, minimising pores and fading age spots. All products used are vegan friendly and free from parabens, fragrances, alcohol and allergens.

Susan Vaughan, Managing Director of SV Aesthetics, says: “With over eight years’ experience in the industry I have faced all kinds of requests. Most commonly my clients want quick and effective results without the downtime, so we invest in the most effective and advanced technologies to be able to deliver this.

“The BB Glow Facial is new to the UK and it originated in Korea, which is where the industry tends to look for new treatments as they are so advanced with their skincare. We are thrilled to be able to bring such a pioneering treatment to our clients and those who have experienced it so far have been ecstatic with the results!”

A single treatment will last two weeks and a total of four treatments spaced two weeks apart will last six months. There is no downtime needed with the treatment.

Further information and a full list of treatments are available on the SV Aesthetics website:

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