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Perfect And Plump Fine Lines And Wrinkles Instantly With Innovative New Treatment

Award winning Mayfair clinic, SV Aesthetics, introduces innovative PlasmaPen treatment which leaves clients with immediate and long-lasting skin tightening results.

Delivering extraordinary results which can be seen immediately, PlasmaPen is the hottest new treatment that clients are flocking to the Mayfair clinic for, to treat and repair areas of concern.

This leading-edge treatment not only helps in the tightening of the eyelids but can also be used on other areas of the face including the forehead, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines and marionette lines. With its incredible uplift effect, it is also popular for a non-surgical eyebrow lift and as a natural lip enhancer. In addition, it can be used to treat stretch marks, scarring, pigmentation, warts and skin tags.

Susan Vaughan, Managing Director of SV Aesthetics, says: “One of the most common queries I get is based on concerns about the skin around the eyelids and under eyes. It’s such a delicate area of the face that until now, most aestheticians were reluctant to treat the area. I was determined to find a treatment that would help and the PlasmaPen gives outstanding results. Seeing client’s reactions 10 days post treatment is the reason I absolutely love what I do.”

The PlasmaPen creates a plasma gas between the tip of the pen and the skin, which vaporises a micromillimeter sized dot onto the surface of the skin – these tiny dots then tighten up the surrounding area. When several dots are applied close together, you’ll see the immediate and amazing result of tightening loose skin.

It also causes thermal disruption to the fibroblasts contained within the dermis below, which stimulates and accelerates the division and migration of collagen cells. The thermal disruption later causes the tiny dots to dry superficially into minuscule crusts which fall off within a matter of days.

Samantha, 46, felt self-conscious about the dark circles and lines under her eyes and was introduced to the treatment by a friend, as she was considering surgical treatment due to being frustrated with not seeing any results from creams and serums. “'The bags have gone and the skin has really tightened up. My friends and family could not believe the difference even after a few days.”

The procedure time is 60+ minutes with a downtime of 5-10 days. Cost is given upon consultation.

Further information and a full list of treatments are available on the SV Aesthetics website:

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