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Lose Inches At Lunchtime With Revolutionary New Fat Loss Treatment

Award winning Mayfair clinic, SV Aesthetics, offers a Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment which can be done in the space of your lunch break and has seen some women lose over five inches.

For many of the clients who come into the clinic, the treatment has helped with those last few inches that diet and exercise alone haven’t shifted. Using the most advanced technology to help target stubborn fat, the effect is visible from the first session and long-term body shaping is achieved in a minimal number of treatments.

Alexa, 46, from London came across SV Aesthetics when she was researching non-surgical treatments and has lost 5.5 inches in total. Alexa said: “The results were great from the very first session and I found Susan to be very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I had a wedding I was getting ready for and she was flexible with her schedule to fit in as many sessions as possible beforehand. I was finally able to fit into the dress I wanted to wear, which made me feel amazing!”

Diana, 38, has also seen great results from the Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment, losing a total of 1.5 inches on her stomach. SV Aesthetics had been recommended to her by a friend and after seeing how good her results were, Diana decided to give it a go too. She says: “My bum and tummy have always been “problem” areas for me and no matter how much training or managing my nutrition I did, I could never get the desired results. The treatment itself doesn’t hurt and Susan made me feel really comfortable. I always speak openly about non-surgical treatments and think it’s worth every penny, because it has made me feel great and that’s priceless as far as I’m concerned!”

Additional benefits include cellulite breakdown, skin tightening and firming, wrinkle reduction, detoxification and improved drainage, and enhanced blood circulation and oxygenation. A full consultation is provided prior to treatment and there is no downtime, meaning clients can head straight out of the clinic afterwards to continue with their day as normal.

Susan Vaughan, Managing Director of SV Aesthetics, says: “We offer a variety of services to enhance our clients’ natural beauty and focus on non-invasive procedures to give them the safest and most effective treatments, without the need for surgery or the recovery time.

“The Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatment is one of our most popular treatments at the clinic and the results speak for themselves. It’s always a fantastic feeling when I see how happy a client is afterwards especially when, like Alexa, they are working towards a big event and want to feel and look their best.”

Further information and a full list of treatments are available on the SV Aesthetics website:

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