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FU Media Launches ‘30-Minute Mentoring’ – And It’s Free To Midlands Businesses!

FU Media likes to talk. If you’ve met Kevin and Jon, you know that’s true. Since 1999, we’ve championed the idea of keeping in touch and staying connected - and it’s more critical now than ever before, be that for the preservation of your business, sanity or both! 

What we do know is that talking to your customers – or even appealing to new ones – and keeping them engaged; and promoting what you can promote is what will give you the very best chance of surviving this difficult period and emerging in fighting-shape on the other side. Those that quietly hibernate will be slower to respond, giving you advantage when the good times return, which is why we have created a new service: ‘30-Minute Mentoring’. #30MinuteMentoring

“As a business that’s been around since 1999, we’ve seen a wealth of economic ups and downs and we’ve talked to a lot of people. These two factors give us valuable experience and trusted connections. What we have learned at FU Media, over 21 years, is that what is happening to us all right now isn’t forever. Things will get better, if you’re prepared to, potentially, let go of what once was – and that might involve a period of mourning – and, instead, allow your thinking to evolve, adapt and get creative. Think of solutions, not problems – and don’t be afraid to ask for help”, comments Kevin Urquhart.
“At FU Media, it’s always been in our DNA to listen, to support, and to mentor. We love brainstorming and finding a positive from a negative. We adore nothing more than working with incredible people and businesses that want to be bigger, better, brighter and bolder”, adds Jonathan Fraser.

In these uncertain times, the one thing that IS certain is that when it’s quieter in the marketplace, those who shout get heard more clearly. Silence, in this instance, is not golden, which is why business are being invited to try the 30-Minute Mentoring session. In this one-to-one Zoom session, you are openly invited to talk about you and your business needs with me or Jonathan Fraser - the two founders of FU Media. In a world that's turned upside down, this is an offer of genuine support to help get your feet back firmly on the ground

Areas of advice might include:

·        Social Media and Website Updates:

Critical in this time and keeping customers updated can build even more loyalty and change buying habits if done properly.  How are you doing it and how can it be better?

  • PR and Press Releases:

Perhaps you’re bucking the trend or have an innovative new idea that needs to be heard? Let us help you find your best angle and get you ready for your close up. Or, perhaps you need to know that you have procedures in place with Crisis Comms? Good or bad, we’ve got your back. In March alone, FU Media helped keep our clients in front of over 10 million people. 

  • Marketing & Advertising:

Let’s help you refocus and ensure you’re talking to the right people in the right way via the right channels, so you’re not wasting your precious budget.

  • Design:

A picture says a thousand words, so let’s consider how you’re using design to achieve maximum stand-out.

  • Mentoring:

Sometimes you simply need a fresh pair of experienced eyes and ears on an important project. Someone who’s experienced and not afraid to question – or elevate - your thinking.

  • Access to Professional Services:

FU Media has a wealth of trusted advisors from the professional industries on speed-dial. Whether it’s plain-talking HR advice you need; Accountancy, Pensions or Wellbeing, talk to us as we know where to direct you.

Feel free to pick up the phone on 077137 40272 (Kevin Urquhart) / 0772 5809654 (Jonathan Fraser) or email directly on / to book your free, ‘30-Minute Mentoring’ session today. 

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