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Today we're celebrating two important milestones: notching up a reach of more than 2 million with our inbox newsletters and social media; and publishing our 150th newsletter edition since lockdown began.

Rewind to March 2020 and the first week of the pandemic. Whilst many were reeling with the enforced lockdown, at Fraser Urquhart Media, we identified a need to get critical information into the hands of Leicester business leaders quickly, without fuss and in a format that was easy to digest.

As one-time publishers of luxury print magazines, we quickly pivoted away from print to digital, understanding that information needed to be quick, accurate and targeted directly into the hands of the people who needed it most, at a time of panic and ever-changing messaging.

Just days later, we had created an informative weekly e-newsletter that helped readers identify key sources of grass-roots support, grant funding, initiatives and know-how, mixed with some light relief to help normalise the most abnormal of times.

Kevin Urquhart and Jonathan Fraser – founders of Fraser Urquhart Media – alongside our dedicated team, have, since early lockdown, helped almost three quarters of a million people stay connected through the pandemic via these newsletters, with an additional reach of over 1.3m across their social and web channels.

Now offered fortnightly and with three stand-alone variations for Leicestershire, Birmingham and the Midlands combined, we proudly feature content from local and independent businesses, positive news stories, competitions, cheesy dad jokes and uplifting quotes. A year on from its launch, we're gearing up for its 150th edition this week.

It’s a formula that’s struck a chord with our legion of loyal subscribers. The updates have not only proved a source of helpful advice and signposting, but have lifted lockdown spirits, with hundreds of readers contacting us directly telling us to keep up the good work! Here are just a few:

“Thank you for your continued candid wit ‘n wisdom throughout this wonky year - I have really appreciated the feed, big thanks!”

“Loved reading this, thank you for your positivity.”

“Thank you for sharing this lovely video, it’s given me the Christmas cheer I needed! Got to love Leicester’s community/fighting spirit!”

“Thanks for the support re. homelessness contactless giving – much appreciated.”

“Your initiative with the online publication is well thought out and very helpful. Keep up the amazing work you're doing.”

“I do like your “The FUFighters” email. It’s a good read.”

Kevin Urquhart, Managing Director of Fraser Urquhart Media, comments; “This has arguably been one of the toughest years ever, so we are incredibly grateful to be able to use our voice to help, support and showcase as many local SME’s, independent venues, charities and individuals as we can. Many of the stories are about businesses and people we know and love, so it was our way of supporting them and helping them fight for their business survival. Over the course of the lockdowns, we’ve showcased over 1,399 businesses in our 150 editions, reaching over 2 million people in the process – and counting”.

Jonathan Fraser, Creative Director at Fraser Urquhart Media, continues: “Being able to support, educate and entertain people through this pandemic has been a privilege. As a creative communications agency, when the chips are down, we get creative, and the newsletters have been a channel for us to reach our readers and keep them abreast of the ever-changing world.

“It has been a responsibility that we’ve cherished and taken seriously, too. If we have helped even one person feel a little more connected, or informed then every second spent creating these e-newsletters has been worth it. In truth, it’s also been our therapy, so we thank every one of our 14,000 subscribers for keeping us focused on the things that make life worth living. This milestone and success have been as much about them as it has about us”.

Read the 150th editions of the newsletters below:


If you would like to chat to the team about appearing in an upcoming edition of the e-magazine, or have any PR requirements or queries, please contact us via email, / or call 01509 733027.

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