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City Laser and Skin Clinic: Transforming Skin, Confidence and Lives for half a decade

City Laser and Skin Clinic, which is run with Dimple Verma at the helm (pictured), is celebrating its fifth birthday this month, along with its hundreds of clients that have had their lives transformed during this time.

The popular clinic, based in The Lanes, specialises in unique solutions for all skin treatments and skin conditions. From acne to pigmentation, laser hair removal, thread vein removal and advanced electrolysis, to more bespoke treatments - the clinic is the go-to for treatments that really do transform lives.

Dimple, who is a trained and highly respected beauty and aesthetics practitioner in the city, said: “I really feel I’ve made a huge difference to people’s lives, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see. I don’t think some people really appreciate quite how much a condition can affect someone, from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) to extreme acne, it really can cause major issues in people's self esteem. So to be able to know we can step in

and help is an incredible feeling.”

She added: “We make sure we have all the very latest in technology and training in everything we do to make sure we achieve optimum results. We focus on providing a very personalised service with the best treatments and aftercare, and we ensure this is always delivered with kindness and compassion.”

A before and after picture of one of Dimple’s patients, whose life has been transformed by the treatment she received.

One client, 29-year-old Misha Singh said her acne had been so extreme she didn’t want to even leave the house.

“I suffer from Acne Vulgaris from having PCOS and it was causing me so much stress that would then make the condition worse. It was such a vicious cycle. Dimple was just incredible and together we set about the journey for improving it. It took around three months of treatments such as green peels and microdermabrasion and using the right skincare routine. But it worked and I can honestly say, it transformed my life,” she added.

Other treatments which have seen extreme results, include laser hair removal on a male clients forehead to help him shape his hairline to such an extreme case of Seborrheic keratosis - noncancerous skin growths - on her back, that the client had refused to go on holiday for fear of wearing a swimming costume.

Dimple said: “These were all cases which caused so many problems within people's personal lives and emotional wellbeing that knowing there was a solution in what we did, was so satisfying.”

Dimple has been in the trade since 2012 and has a wealth of experience, qualifications and expertise to offer clients.

“It just takes one consultation that can set people on the path to having their lives transformed, and we cannot wait for the next five years and more to help people on this journey,” she added.

For more details, visit or call 0116 2425299.

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