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Story of First UK Interfaith Lesbian Wedding Goes Global

Good news travels fast, the world over, as has been proven by the story of the UK’s first inter-faith lesbian wedding, which took place this week at Chutney Ivy restaurant in Leicester this week.

 Image credit: Pukaar News 

The happy couple, Kalavati Mistry and Miriam Jefferson met more than 20 years ago on a training course in America, and tied the knot in a Hindu ceremony, wearing traditional red-and-white bridal colours.

Ms Mistry, 48, had kept her sexuality a secret for years and said it had been "very difficult for me as an Asian gay woman".

But her friends and family have been "welcoming and embracing" to Ms Jefferson since she revealed their relationship, she said, adding: "I hope many many gay people - no matter what religion or culture they're in - are in loving relationships."

The couple, who both work for an interfaith organisation, married at the award-winning Chutney Ivy restaurant in Leicester, which has openly challenged stereotypes of a culinary nature since its launch in 2010 – and has since garnered awards and acclaim.

Co-owner, Shaf Islam, comments; “The international interest has been overwhelming.  We have seen coverage from across the world – just last night, we spotted features in Australia, USA and Israel – and it’s a story that’s perfectly shows why Leicester is the poster city of multi-culturalism.  At Chutney Ivy, we’ve always believed that Love Is Love”.

Co-owner Simon Postlethwaite added; “After celebrating our seventh year in business, we were delighted to welcome our first-ever LGBT wedding celebration to Chutney Ivy.  We wish the happy couple nothing but the very best of luck in their lives together”.

Chutney Ivy is at 41 Halford Street, Leicester, LE1 1TR.

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