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Leicestershire Folk Urged To ‘Think, Act and Support Local’ with Launch of The Makers’ Market

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Leicestershire folk are being encouraged to ‘think, act and support local’ with the launch of The Makers’ Market, which will showcase the finest Leicestershire-based food, drink, art and craft producers in the heart of Leicester City Centre.

The New Market Square in Leicester – the new public space behind the existing market - will be the home to The Makers’ Market, which will launch Sunday August 6th and will run every first Sunday of each month from 11am-4pm in Leicester’s newest public space. It is created by FU Media in association with Leicester City Council.

The Makers' Market will showcase the talents of some of our county's most exciting makers and creatives who make, bake, create and source the products they sell right here in Leicestershire, which ensures their goods are uniquely ‘brand Leicester’.

Carey York of FU Media, organiser, comments; “Leicestershire is a unique county: our independent and creative communities are thriving and should be celebrated. This monthly market not only gives these young, creative businesses an outlet to sell their wares and crafts, but will also appeal to people who want something different and that they can’t find on the High Street”.

The market will also feature regular workshops and demonstrations, so you can get involved and, who knows, you may even discover a hidden talent of your own! Music and other entertainment will also regularly animate the square.

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