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V-Day For Leigh Lambert Exhibition & Street Party At Oberon Gallery

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Saturday 1st July was the new V-Day for Oberon Gallery of Leicester who proudly welcomed the critically-acclaimed artist, Leigh Lambert, with a celebratory Blitz Street Party, to showcase his collection of originals, limited edition prints and sketches and original pieces – shown together for the first time in Leicester.

Inspired by his own childhood, his pieces feature monochromatic terraced streets with minimalistic colourful figures capturing the joy of youth at the time and evoking fond memories of a time gone by. His work has been described as “Retrospective urban life with a quirky twist” and is highly sought after, with a lengthy waiting list – sometimes up to two years.

This ‘Saturday Showcase’ welcomed over 50 guests and collectors from all over the UK – enabled guests to meet the artist himself and chat with him about his inspiration and life as a successful painter. As a bonus, he personally dedicated each painting sold on the day, making it even more special – and collectable.

As well as tasty treats from the kitchens of The Boot Room and wine by Veeno, the two lindy-hopping couples, led by Claire Snell of Pin Curls Vintage, proved to be a hit with guests and passers-by alike with many stopping to take snaps and videos, as they danced to hits from the 40s played on their authentic gramophones.

Hot on the heels of the successful Timmy Mallett event in April, Oberon Gallery of Leicester is passionate about Fine Art and backed by 30 years’ experience in the industry. The two-level gallery offers a unique experience and personal service in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Oberon Gallery Manager, Donna Marie Cross, commented; “I’m thrilled how this Saturday Showcase has been received. It’s clear that Leigh is one of the art-scene’s hottest artists because we have seen guests from as far afield as Manchester at the gallery today. This was Leigh’s first major exhibition in Leicester and I’m proud that Oberon Gallery was chosen”.

Selected originals, prints and sketches remain on permanent display – for purchase – at Oberon Gallery, but his full collection can be accessed via Oberon Gallery.

Oberon Gallery of Leicester, Loseby Lane, Leicester, LE1 5DR. Tel 0116 253 8484.

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