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New Mobile App Set To Revolutionise Local Businesses

The newly launched mobile application ‘Spotted:App’ – which already has over a thousand users after only being live for one month – is streamlining the way that businesses in the Midlands reach new customers.

Spotted:App was the brainchild of Leicestershire businessman, John Whitbread, who is so passionate about helping businesses he has risked it all, even selling his house, and put everything on the line to make it work. Designed to shine the spotlight on these businesses, John created the simple-to-use Spotted:App to put the power back in their control.

It has been created so it’s accessible for all businesses, especially ones who are struggling with time and don’t have marketing budgets. It’s as easy to use for the consumer as well – when they require a job completing, they simply search for what they’re looking for and the app will bring up a list of who provides that service in their area.

Businesses can list themselves for free for two months on Spotted:App and it’s only 99p per month thereafter. With no hidden fees or commission on leads or jobs, John feels this sets him apart from the rest. The app is free to download and completely free for customers to use.

“It’s the simplicity of its use that I’ve been mindful of since day one. I realised that algorithms on certain websites and apps are making decisions on behalf of the customer, showing them what it thinks they want to see, rather than showing all options available, meaning they are less likely to make a well-informed decision”, offers John. “The Spotted:App provides all options available to a customer without any algorithms, or adverts being biased to the top, giving them the ability to find the right business for their job”.

He continues: “It’s only through having all the options available that we can really make educated decisions, so I wanted to create that very thing: I wanted to link businesses and customers with technology aiding the process, rather than hindering it. Just because a small business doesn’t have a large marketing budget, it shouldn’t mean that they fall into the shadows”.

After a year in development and selling his house to fund the project, it’s safe to say that John is both excited and passionate about sending the Spotted:App out into the world, and his dedication and hard work is already starting to pay off, as the initial user figures testify.

He says: “It has been an interesting 12 months, as well as a steep learning curve, but I’m really proud of what I’ve created. We have already had over 1,000 people downloading and using the app in the first month of launch alone, and this is just the beginning!”

Consumers can download and use the app for free via the Google Play and App Store or visit for more information.

Businesses can set up their account by following the simple instructions on the app. The first two months will be free, with a charge of 99p per month thereafter.

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