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Leicester Author Challenges Business Leaders With Power of Love Leadership®

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

With the uncertainty of change in business being the only certainty, a Leicester-based author is launching her debut book, Power of Love Leadership®, and openly challenging the business community to give love a try.

Successful leadership coach, Sarah Higgins of Narborough, has drawn from her years of expertise in Human Resources, Executive Coaching and Leadership Development, to launch a thought-provoking new leadership strategy book, Power of Love Leadership®. Based upon the principles of Emotional Intelligence, it will ‘enable business leaders, professionals and individuals to understand emotions, and re-master them to increase resilience and success in both business and in life’. It’s been hailed as a game-changer in the business ‘self-help’ book sector.

Successfully using Power of Love Leadership® with her leadership clients since 2012, it took over five years to get the book finished. It has been inspired by both business success and personal challenge. The Power of Love Leadership® model promises 7 proven strategies to ‘drive success, maximise results and inspire compassion and trust’. It’s billed as ‘the caring new way to lead’ – something that strikes particular resonance to the Covid-era and the new-found desire of many to be more self-aware and to act more compassionately.

Launching on Thursday 29th October, it’s Sarah’s hope that the wider business community will buy the book so they can experience the benefits of Power of Love Leadership®.

We caught up with Sarah ahead of her official Power of Love Leadership® launch day.

Sarah, was it always your intention to write a book?

“Writing a book has never been something I thought I would do; but the book came about because, having seen so much success in using it, I wanted to share Power of Love Leadership® with the world.

“I initially developed it to help leaders - my clients - in a visual way to help them to talk about their emotions; to talk about the challenges they were having, and to think about strategies they could use to overcome those challenges. That was working really well. They were finding it to be a really successful way for them to become more effective as a leader”.

She continues;

“I then ended up using it in my own life and that was when the power of it really struck me – when I was experiencing it myself. That was when I realised this is something that everybody needs to be able to experience. Whether it’s about overcoming challenges, feeling good about what you do; feeling more confident about overcoming a problem and finding solutions and peace from emotional turmoil or fear, or anything else getting in the way of enabling you to be at your best”.

Who is this aimed at, who do you think is going to benefit from this?

“The book is written for leaders. It's called Power of Love Leadership®, but it can actually help anybody. I understand the challenges for leaders. The book, therefore, has been written with that context in mind; it's about how you can lead yourself more effectively, but it's also about how you can lead others.”

The book talks about emotional intelligence and how you can use it to better your business. What does that mean?

“Business – and, in fact, life – is all about relationships. It's about trust. It's about what motivates us and what we believe in. And this is all based on how we feel.

“It (business and life) all boils down to emotions and how somebody or something makes you feel. This is impacted largely by a leader’s emotions and how they are managing those or not. This sets the whole tone and experience for us in our day to day work life. The biggest thing about emotional intelligence, is how it affects work and how you as a leader affect everything around you including your people. You set the tone for the culture, and this can either positively or negatively affect productivity, creativity, employee engagement, resilience, focus, and decision making.”

What would you say to critics, who suggest it's just another self-help or leadership book?

“If you recognise that you have any particular challenges, or you'd like things to be better, or more effective, whether that's for you, for the people you work with or your team, or you want better results, I say give this a go. In the years and years of using Power of Love Leadership®, it's always worked.

“With the Power of Love Leadership® you can build a highly motivated team that’s fearless and motivated to collaborate, create, inspire and innovate. You’ll think more clearly, make better decisions, push morale and productivity to unimaginable levels and navigate success with compassion, confidence and care.”

Power of Love Leadership® is available to buy at (from Thursday 29th October) and you can pre-order via Amazon NOW. RRP £16.99.

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