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FU team get boost with 2 new joiners

Team FU have seen a fair bit of change in the last few months, with two exciting new team members joining the fold. Their wealth of experience in PR, social media and content creation sets the company up to continue to do great things going forward. Even if their jokes are awful...


Euan Hammond - PR Account Manager

From Lichfield in Staffordshire, Euan is a passionate writer and content creator. With a degree in English from the University of Leeds and a Masters in Journalism from Nottingham Trent University, Euan has always known he was cut out for a career in PR and communications.

Landing a job for corporate giant WBA and Boots in Nottingham, Euan worked in multiple roles across internal communications, PR and content creation, getting to grips with a vast variety of brands, companies and products.

A whirlwind three years saw Euan cut his teeth in the award-winning Boots PR team. Working on national and international scale projects across healthcare, beauty, ESG, Euan carved out a niche for corporate comms. He adds his experience of large corporate life, his natural creativity and sharp eye for detail to the FU team, helping to bring industry best practices to support PR campaigns.

Natalia Blaszczak

Introducing our content creator and social media specialist, Natalia. With a degree in Marketing from University of Leicester, Natalia brings a fresh and innovative approach to our team at FU Media. Hailing from Poland, she is a vibrant member of the Gen Z cohort, infusing her work with a deep understanding of the latest trends and digital landscapes. Having established a successful food blog 'Talia the Foodie', she has collaborated with renowned companies like GDK and itsu, showcasing her talent for creating engaging user-generated content. With her keen eye for creativity and a knack for understanding the ever-evolving social media landscape, Natalia brings a unique perspective to our team. She plays a pivotal role in managing our clients' social media presence, driving impactful campaigns, and establishing fruitful relationships with influencers.

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