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Discover How A Bespoke Health Check Service Can Enhance Your Wellbeing In 2020

With health and wellbeing being one of the hottest topics of 2020 and with ongoing concerns over lengthening NHS waiting lists and the provision of services, Check My Health have officially launched their high quality, client-centred health screening service. Offering an affordable ‘Pay As You Go’ approach to health that bridges the gap between NHS and Private Healthcare, it enables individuals to take positive action and protect their own health and wellbeing.

Check My Health enables those who are looking for a more bespoke healthcare experience to have a wide range of health screening and diagnostic services carried out by fully qualified Registered Nurses in the comfort of their own home. There are 25 Health Assessments, Wellbeing Checks and Allergy Tests on offer, focussing on everything from heart health, fertility and menopause to an essential health MOT and food screen allergy tests.

The unique service is designed to fit around those with busy lifestyles and is available seven days a week, with appointments bookable on weekdays until 9pm at night. Support continues once the health or wellbeing check has been carried out, with a detailed report being shared within a few days of the appointment.

A free follow-up consultation with one of the Registered Nurses will also take place, where they will breakdown the report to ensure a clear understanding on next steps and what may need to be discussed further with their GP. Should any specific areas of concern be raised, a call will always be made before the report is sent.

Dave Leverton, Managing Director at Check My Health, says: “Our service has been specifically designed to make bespoke health and wellbeing checks more accessible to those wanting to be more in tune with their health, or get to the bottom of an ongoing issue faster than they might traditionally be able to via the NHS.

“We have found that our fertility, menopause and vegan & vegetarian checks have proved particularly popular, alongside the private health assessment we offer. This gives us a real insight into what’s at the forefront of our client’s minds when it comes to their overall health and wellbeing.”

Dave continues: “We are all incredibly aware of the pressures and cuts our NHS faces, so the Check My Health service has been created to bridge the gap between this and Private Healthcare. We are unique in only allowing our checks to be carried out by Registered Nurses and ensure that all our clients are equipped with detailed information to then take on to their GP to facilitate further treatment if required.”

For more information about Check My Health and the services on offer, please visit:

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