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FU Loves Leicester #3

We’ve made it halfway through the three-week lockdown and in the words of nineties indie popsters James, “How was it for you?” With many of us now on furlough, we’d love to hear how you’re dealing with lockdown and keeping yourself occupied.  For those of still working from home, do you have any home-working hacks you want to share? We’re all ears! Let us know via our Facebook post and we’ll share some of the best tips on our next newsletter.

One thing we’ve been making sure we have to help our heads is continuity. The alarm is still set each morning and working week bedtimes are being observed. We’re having two webcam work catchups a day – one to start and one to end the day - and the focus of the call isn’t always about work, it’s just about keeping in touch.

Another thing that’s really helping us is our dogs. Used to coming into the office each day, I think they’re struggling more than us with self-isolation, but they’re loving their daily walk and getting in plenty of sniffs and chasing of sticks.  How are your pets coping?  Share pictures of your pet here and the funniest one will get a £25 Pets at Home voucher.

Thanks for the messages of support after our last newsletter, too – it really does mean a lot.  As we all find out way through these strange, strange times we need to focus on the little victories in life, so let’s celebrate them and show that we’re all still winning.  Share your successes with us, tremendous and tiny here.

Once again, if you’ve got a story that you’d like to share, get in touch by email: jon@fu-media.co.uk or kevin@fu-media.co.uk or call us on 07713 740 272


What's Forrest Gump's email password? 1forrest1


For those of you looking to vote with your pockets and give your hard-earned to local independents in Leicester, the Independent Leicester website might become your best mate.  Leicester is blessed with some of the most unique and inspiring indies and this is a way of helping secure the future of that sector, from the comfort of your armchair.  Click the link for an updated list on who’s still able to offer takeaway and fulfil mail-order in these uncertain times. https://independentleicester.co.uk/2020/03/17/supporting-independents-in-leicester-during-uncertain-times/


Leicestershire County Cricket Club Team Mascot, Charlie Fox needs your help, he needs a new, fresh look for 2020 and he needs you to design it! The winning designer will see their t-shirt made and available to buy online. What's even better is that all the profits made from the t-shirt will be donated to the NHS to help them fight COVID-19. Download the design pack HERE, design your amazing t-shirt that you want Charlie to wear and send it back to them by either tweeting your submission at @leicsccc using the hashtags  #foxesfamily and #DrawForNHS, or email your submission to enquiries@leicestershireccc.co.uk.  The closing date for entries is Friday, April 10 at 10 o'clock, so get your entries in quickly!


I’m sure for most of us the novelty of working in our PJs has already worn off.  Time at home juggling work, children, pets and partners can leave us craving for our calm office environment that we used to enjoy and can bring added tension to an already stressful period. As someone who has worked from home for a number of years, Rachel Irons of Complete Health and Protection shares some of the ways she looks after her mental health whilst  working in an isolated environment. Read them at http://dluxe-magazine.co.uk/business/7-tips-for-a-stress-free-home-working-environment/


Are you worried about how to afford your home; are your moving plans on hold; or do you wonder how you might benefit from changes in the property market? Or do you and your family differ on what to do next?  Hosted by Gemma Godfrey, executive editor of Times Money Mentor, join this free Crowdcast webinar https://www.crowdcast.io/e/a-roof-over-your-head about how the Corona virus crisis is affecting mortgages and the housing market, on Friday, April 3 at 12pm. With expert advice from Carol Lewis, deputy editor of Home, The Times and The Sunday Times and Paul Matthews, partner of PMK Mortgage Solutions, the webinar will cover key questions and guidance including:

  • What does the freezing of the housing market mean & what financial support's available?

  • How to renegotiate your mortgage (when you can)

  • Should you stay or should you go? (how property prices, completion timelines & the market are changing)

  • Tips for landlords and those renting office space

  • The impact on your relationships and mental health.

SUPPORT LOROS WITH THE LOROS LOTTERY We’ll soon be back to normal, and then we’ll raise a glass. We need you more than ever, as we wait for time to pass.

To all the little things we took for granted every day, like going for a coffee and children out to play.

Use this time to do the little things that pass you by, like sitting in the garden and looking at the sky.

Call your friend, paint a picture, sit and read a book, the little things are precious, so stop and take a look. We all must come together and work through this time as one, focus on the rainbow, that day is soon to come!

We need you and your kindness now more than ever before.

The LOROs Spring into Summer Raffle is here and they're asking their wonderful community to buy a raffle ticket, like and share their social media posts, and tell family and friends. Tickets cost just £1, and you could win a whopping £5,000. Imagine the summer you could have with that? You can purchase tickets online from the comfort and safety of your own home loros.co.uk/raffle


The devastating impact of the Covid-19 on UK tech start-ups will be massive with Boards urging us to make cutbacks and investors not taking risks, particularly High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). The bad news is these early stage businesses have seen a very quick reaction from the market and severe decline of investor interest. Some have even had previously agreed term sheets pulled and investment deals collapse. However, I am not taking this approach, as to survive we must continue. I believe if we hibernate, we will wake up too slowly and our competitors will overtake us, warns Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE of Evolve-IT Consulting Ltd.  Find out how she’s approaching the challenge of Corona: http://dluxe-magazine.co.uk/business/why-business-hibernation-makes-you-a-sleeping-target/


With the country in lockdown, and people isolated in their own homes, many have taken to social media to suggest that now might be the right time to write that novel or screenplay that's been on your bucket list for years, but... where to start? We asked Fran Poletti, published author, screenwriter and lecturer at MetFilm School to give us her top tips. Read them here: http://dluxe-magazine.co.uk/lifestyle/top-tips-from-award-winning-screenwriter-and-author-on-how-to-write-a-novel-or-screen-play/


Pumpkin is an App available for iPhone and Android that can help you improve your mental health, lower stress, reduce anxiety and sleep better with guided meditation sessions, inspiring speeches, hypnotherapy and calming meditation music. During the Covid crisis, Pumpkin is cancelling its monthly subscription fee, allowing those who are suffering due to the effects of the pandemic to access their resources for free. The App contains hundreds of different self-care and mental health resources. Download now at: iPhone and iPad: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pumpkin-self help/id353137729?ls=1 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onbeat.PumpkinSelfHelp



Season 3 of the ultra-dark Netflix thriller sees Jason Bateman and Laura Linney take their Missouri based money laundering operation up a level with the opening of a floating casino. Named after the isolated, rural waterside region in which it is set, this series sees the whole family get in deeper than the lake upon which their new venture floats. There’s no going back now, not for any of them. It really is sink or swim. If you’re a first-time watcher, it’s worth watching this from the very start.  Dark and shocking, this is Jason Bateman as you’ve never seen him before.


The legal thriller about a group of aspiring law students and their talented criminal defence attorney and professor, Annalise Keating (played by Viola Davis) returns for a seventh season.  HTGAWM is the perfect lockdown blockbuster to get you through the days ahead. With 15 episodes per season, that’s 105 dark and twisted tales of mystery and murder that are sure to keep you on the edge of your sofa.  Literally, this is the best thing on the telly-box right now. 


Whilst others take their eyes off the prize, some are taking this time to better their business and sharpen their tools for when we do come out the other side.  Check out 'The Best Kept Business Secret' Podcast:  a resource by Marc Ford that’s dedicated to helping you, the business owner, have their best year ever – something we all need a bit of right now.  Available on iTunes, Podbean, Mixcloud, Stitcher Radio, Spotify and on the main website at https://marcford.uk/business-podcast-marc-ford/


I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.

Mother Teresa


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